About Us

Travelling when over 50 is not always be fun. I know that myself first hand. My name’s Barry, I’m 60 and I love travel. I used to just go on short interstate trips, but now my wife, Judy and I realise there is a whole big world out there, with many culturally different and fascinating places to visit.

There is one thing that we have to be 100% certain about when we go on holidays, and that’s our travel insurance. It’s funny because the older you get, the harder it may be for some people to get insurance when travelling.

You have to be clued up and know what plan to go for and what is the best cover for you personally (and your travelling companion). That is why we have set up this website holidaysure.com.au

Here we bring together all the questions that you wanted answered in relation to seniors travel insurance. We cover a broad range of hot tips, explain why it’s important, and how to find the best policy for you.

Just remember, to be sure, is to be Holiday Sure. Happy Travelling!