Australian Seniors Travel Insurance Agency Review

There are a number of reputed travel insurers selling insurance to senior travelers in Australia, but one name that consistently comes on top is Australian Seniors Insurance Agency.

Offering travel insurance at a low premium to citizens over the age of 50, it enables them to have the protection and cover they require for making both international and domestic tourist trips.


This insurer is a specialist vendor of Over 50’s insurance and offers specific policies for 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s – with the maximum age limit being 89 years.

Main features
The most prominent benefits included in the packages provided by Australian Seniors Insurance Agency are:

  • Unlimited cover for medical costs overseas (applicable only to worldwide plans)
  • Cover for domestic and international trips, choice available between single trip and yearly policies
  • Cover for specific preexisting medical conditions for those applicants who are 75 years or younger
  • Automatic inclusion for common holiday circumstances that include losing your luggage, cancellation of trips, replacement of funds among others.

Pre-existing medical conditions
As you grow old i.e. over 50, your age begins to be seen as a liability by insurance providers and you need to disclose medical conditions while applying for insurance.

These conditions determine the cost of your travel insurance – you may have to pay extra premium to get each condition covered, or you may be rendered ineligible for the policy in question. In any case, ordinary travel insurance goes out of the window when you are a senior with a preexisting conditions.

Fortunately for you, this national seniors travel insurance, being a senior’s insurance specialist, automatically includes a number of preexisting medical conditions in its coverage for seniors below or at the age of 75.

You can avail protection for these conditions during your journey, provided you fulfill the criteria set out separately for each of listed conditions:

ConditionRequisite criteria
AsthmaGiven you haven’t suffered from an asthma episode that required a doctor’s treatment in past twelve months.
Non-insulin dependent diabetesIf the condition was diagnosed twelve months ago, and there have been no complications in the past twelve months. Blood sugar level between 4 and 10 is required.
EpilepsyGiven there is a total absence of underlying medical conditions and that no treatment by a doctor has been required for an epileptic seizure in the past twelve months.
GoutGiven that the gout has been stable for the last six months.
Hiatus HerniaGiven no surgery planned in the coming two years.
Hip ReplacementGiven that surgery was performed six months ago.
High Blood PressureGiven that there are no known heart problems and that your blood pressure is currently below 165/95.
High CholesterolGiven that there are no known heart problems.
Peptic UlcerGiven that the condition has remained stable for at least six months.
Prostate CancerGleason Score PSA of 3.0 is required.
StrokeIf the stroke occurred more than twelve (12) months ago and no further rehabilitation or specialist review is planned.
Given the stroke happened at least twelve months prior and no specialist review/rehabilitation is planned in the future.
Under active ThyroidIf not caused by a tumor.

One trip / Annual package
You can opt for either of the two packages each of which has its own advantages depending on the situation. If you make just a one or two trips per year, getting them ensured separately will be economically viable but if you are a regular traveler, going for a joint package to cover a year’s worth of trips will suit you better both financially and in terms of the paperwork required for insurance.