Travel Tips for Seniors and Over 50s

Travelling is fun, especially for us retirees, but there is one thing that we need to be clear on and make sure we have all in order before we leave – insurance. Unexpected situations or misfortunes will often arise, and its important to know what the best cover for seniors are, how much it will cost, and what is included in the insurance option you chose.

Holiday Sure will answer everything for you, and leave no questions unanswered. Because to be sure, is to be Holiday Sure!

Holiday Sure is a great website to visit before jet setting off on that holiday of a lifetime. Insurance is always something that should be front of mind and its good to know that you can go to one place and find all the answers. From as simple as finding out what travel insurance is, you can also find out where to purchase it, and what different cover options you have as a senior.

If you have pre-existing health problems, or even none at all, you need to stop and think about what insurance is bet for you. Holiday Sure has some fantastic cover and cost examples for you to review and consider.


As the name states, over 50 travel insurance, is a great option to consider if you are just that, over 50. Insurance can be modified to match your specific requirements, whether it be a little interstate holiday, or an overseas trip for a longer period of time. Certain health issues are automatically covered with over 50 travel insurance.

This is such thing as glaucoma, allergies and asthma, just to name a few. Just because you are over 50 and may have some pre-existing medical conditions, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t travel and enjoy yourself.

As long as you have the right cover, you will be rest assured that you are in for a smooth and pleasant trip.

The older you get, the more important travel insurance is. Seniors are more prone to accidents, falls and mishaps, when away from their normal surrounding, but this should not put them off – you do only live once, after all.

There are many options out they and it’s often hard to know whom to go with. Cota is one insurance company that specialises for the “older Australians”. Cota sees age as no limit when it comes to holidays and they have many redeeming benefits, such as, you can complete your insurance application over the phone, children or grandchildren can travel also for no extra charge and bonus days without any extra cost are part of the policy.

Hawaii could be the spot for your holiday

With so many companies out there that offer travel insurance for seniors, it’s often hard to know who is the best and why. One name that stands out above many of the others is, the Australian Seniors Insurance Agency.

This company offers insurance at a low premium to people over 50. In fact, they will cover travellers up to the ripe old age of 89! Depending on your trip you can choose between a single policy, or a yearly on.

They also have many other benefits, some of which include, unlimited cover for medical costs overseas, cover for pre-existing medical condition for those 75 years and younger, and many more.

We are sure that everyone has heard the name Apia when it comes to insurance. They are one of the most well-known and reputable company’s out there. Apia will deal with cover for singles or families and they offer 24/7 emergency assistance.

Their insurance will cover such countries as Australia South Pacific and Indonesia, East Asia, and any other country in the world other than US, Japan or Canada.

Apia is an insurance company that listens to their customers and is interested in their wellbeing and what is best for them – hard to argue with that!

When it comes to seniors, travel and insurance, its hard to know where the best places in the world are to go. Some of the most senior-friendly travel destinations are Canada, Hawaii, Scotland, Germany and Argentina.

if you're fit and healthy the price will be cheaper

Each of these countries has their own unique traits and advantages for senior travellers. Whether it be Canada for their beautiful picturesque landscape and the Rockies, Hawaii for the beaches and kayaking, Scotland for their lush green countryside and opulent architecture, Germany for their history and Bavarian Alps, or Argentina for their steaks or learning traditional tango, it’s a hard choice to make.

So go on, start booking that trip, but most importantly, don’t forget the insurance!